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Time Out Dubai Article: Wakeboarding & Wake surfing

December 7, 2015
Wake Evolution had yet another publication in no other then Time Out Dubai about its great watersports activities such as wakeboarding, wakesurfing and waterskiing. Time Out Dubai is most defiantly among one of the most favorable magazine available within Dubai and UAE. It was an absolute pleasure to be able provide the crew of Time Out with some spectacular wakeboard and wakesurf lessons. Till next time, our wakeboard and wake surf coaches are always ready to bring the new talent of today to the next level.

What’s on Dubai Cover page: Wakeboarding in Dubai

December 7, 2015
Wake Evolution was featured on the cover page of What’s On Dubai, one of the most popular lifestyle magazines in Dubai and UAE. Wakeboarding is definitely hitting the spot lights within the UAE and we are thankful to be part of this amazing ride. What’s on announced us as a new watersports company which opened up at Riva Beach Club on the Palm Jumeirah Dubai. We offer several different water sports with our main focus on wakeboard and wakesurf coaching. The three parters Michel Peltier, Willy Mulet and Roel van de Ven we are all actively involved in wakeboarding and wake surfing ourselves for several years. We participate in several wakeboard competitions throughout the world.

An eye on Abu Dhabi & Dubai: Wakeboarding and wakesurfing around the United Arab Emirates

October 13, 2015
Here at Wake Evolution we are 3 partners who are complete wakeboard and wake surf addicts. We all love the sport and would like to see wakeboarding and wakesurfing grow within the UAE and Middle East. Currently we are located in Dubai, partnering with Riva Beach Club on the Palm Jumeriah. However we enjoy riding all around the UAE. Here is a quick overview of the wakeboard scene in the UAE. As a rider I have to admit that the best conditions in the UAE are in Abu Dhabi. You will find nice flat conditions at all times. The waters are absolutely beautiful with mangrove all over. Abu Dhabi waters kind of reminds you of Thailand from time to time. The capital Abu Dhabi also offers great nightlife and the spirit of the people is more down to earth compared to Dubai. Wakeboarding in Dubai is without a doubt still unforgettable; riding with a view of monumental icons such as the Burj Al Arab, Palm jumeriah and the sheikhs massive yacht parked at his private island is definitely a great scene. However if you are an advanced rider we would recommend to try and book early morning or week days to avoid heavy traffic on the waters. Riding with rollers is not ideal if you’re trying to learn a new trick. 😉 In a nutshell if you live in Dubai, your best options are during the week early morning ride before work and during the weekend relax and enjoy the mangroves in Abu Dhabi.

Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing on the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai

September 3, 2015
Great news Wake Evolution has just opened at RIVA Beach Club on the Palm Jumeirah. You will now be able to wakeboard, wakesurf, wake skate and waterskiing on the Palm Jumeirah itself. The beach club is located in Building 8 of the Shoreline on Palm Jumeirah Dubai. RIVA Ristorante, Bar & Beach offers an innovative and unique dimension to Dubai’s beach scene by being the first standalone independent destination to provide a chilled out, stylish and relaxing atmosphere in addition to giving guests access to complete à la carte facilities. Wake Evolution really is able to offer all in one service with a great location, coaches and equipment. You will most certainly find that this is the best spot to wakeboard or wakesurf in Dubai. Come check out our new home!

Wakeboard coaching in Dubai and rest of UAE

July 14, 2015
Wakeboarding has grown tremendously in the past couple of years in Dubai and rest of UAE. Coaching and training facilities are becoming more popular by the day around the Emirates. Dubai truly has the perfect set up, as you are able to wakeboard for most of the year. When it comes to trying to progress in any sport especially board sports it is always advisable to seek professional coaching to improve your level. We at Wake Evolution can tell you that some of the main ingredients to progress in wakeboarding is to have a good and safe training environment surrounded by the right people who are able to challenge and motivate you to move forward at all times. We at Wake Evolution have currently 3 advanced wake boarders who continuously push each other to improve their wakeboard level. They have increased their riding levels through hours of riding, focus and training techniques to progress. They have been on several wakeboard training camps throughout the world and being trained by professional wakeboard coaches. The training and coaching can really make the difference when it comes to the fundamentals of wakeboarding.  If you are able to get your basics and foundation right from the beginning when you start wakeboarding it will help you later on when you develop within the wakeboard world and start landing your first inverts and spins.

Most common injuries with wakeboarding.. And how to prevent them

April 6, 2015
Like with many sports in Dubai there are obviously some risks involved when it comes to wakeboarding and wake surfing. Flying through the air and cruising at high speeds on the water can cause some serious falls which could lead to injuries if you don’t take the necessary safety precautions. Lets take a look at some of the most common injuries of wakeboarding and wake surfing as well as ways to prevent them. The most common wakeboarding injuries are ACL tears, shoulder dislocations, ankle sprains and lacerations – with the head and face being the most commonly injured areas. This is because of the chance of “catching an edge” on a wakeboard. Now lets take a look at some of the ways we could prevent some of these wakeboard and wake surf injuries: 1) Always wear the correct safety equipment life vest etc. 2) Use proper high quality equipment, especially your bindings, it is extremely important that they are well fitted and provide strong support for your ankles 3) Get trained by a professional coach 4) Always check your towline 5) Get physically fit, do some strength exercises off the water to be able to take the hits and minimize your exhaustion level 6) Make sure the driver is well trained and experienced. He/she plays a vital roll in deciding on the appropriate speed of the boat and stopping ability if something were to go wrong. There is the famous saying “the driver does half the job of the wakeboarder”. With that being said wakeboarding and wake surfing are extremely fun sports to practice and completely safe with the right professional coaching and safety precautions you shouldn’t have a worry in your mind. Have fun on the water in sunny Dubai.